Locating Us

Wailea Horseback Adventure is located at Umauma Falls at the Umauma Experience.

The Umauma Visitor Center next door to us is open at 8am and is where you will want to purchase your drinks and snacks. Please note: kitchen is not open till 10am.

Parking is FREE in front of the Wailea Horseback Adventure barn.

For your safety, please do not walk up to horses or behind the horses.  If you do arrive before the scheduled tour time please stay in designated picnic area till our guides are ready to check you in! They may be busy preparing the horses for the ride.  You may wait at the picnic table if you are all ready, or may spend the time now get your things ready (towels, snacks, and drinks for the ride, camera, phone, etc.).  If you are bringing your wallets, watches, eyeglasses and phones we recommend you place them in the saddlebags we will supply you with: it can be misty on the way, and as we allow trotting we do not want you to lose any personal items on the trail. 

** Please wait in designated spot near the picnic table outside the barn/stables until your guide comes to get you. Please do not go up to the horses until the guide says it is okay to do so.